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By Natalie Smith

2nd year BU Student, LLB (Hons) Law

You can get student discount in so many places it would take a whole blog to list them all! Some companies are willing to give you student discount; it is a big perk of being a student.

Some stores will accept your student card as proof but most companies request that you present a NUS Extra Card to claim any discounts they offer. View the discounts you can get with this card here.

If you love clothes various high street shops give student discount of 10%, sometimes with offers of higher discount for a limited time! If you like food and eating out but think now as a student you can’t afford it, you’re wrong! Various restaurants give discount of about 20% with others giving you a free food. To find out which brands offer discount, check out the website here.

The best discount for me is discount on rail travel. You can apply for a 16-25 rail card which will give you discount on train travel, which as a student is a real bonus if you are going to be travelling back and forth by train. You can even get discounted tickets at the cinema or in all kinds of entertainment venues.

So remember:

  1. Always carry your student card; you never know when you’ll need it.
  2. If you aren’t sure a place doesn’t give student discount then ask if they do. You could be surprised.
  3. Discount really makes a difference so take full advantage of the discounts available.

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