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By Holly Montague

Postgraduate student, MA Advertising and Marketing Communications

Induction fortnight AKA Freshers, that crazy time where you have lots of parties, freebies handed to you and the opportunity to socialise and meet new people. Who wouldn’t like that? SOUNDS GREAT!

Welcome to what will be your best years!!

After you parents have woken you up at the crack of dawn to beat morning traffic and left you behind in your new residency with your boxes and suitcases. You’ll be able to make your new ‘home’ your own, filled with pictures and memories.


Now, the fun really begins! Don’t be shy to meet new people; everyone is in the same situation as you. Nerves and fear of change will be a common theme that no one will talk about, so really just break the ice and chat with everyone; you’ll make some long lasting good friends here. I remember just knocking on doors and stepping into different parties, it’s great. Also try to meet some people through Facebook before you even get here.

If you still feel a bit shy, then I suggest going to the events that are organised – YES PLEASE!!! They’ll help you to socialise, meet new people and join in on the parties, not to mention, build up those fresher memories you’ll not forget.

Public transport is great but do keep a good cab number handy as it may help when you’re on a night out. Of course the next piece of advice is remembering your address, but it is best to go out with a group of friends, just in case you do get lost to start with.

My Tips:

  • Pack some painkillers; you’re going to need them!
  • Have a first aid kit, you’re likely to use it in your first week (till you’ve figured out the kitchen)
  • Hair of the dog, doesn’t always work for everyone. Best figure out what does, you’re going to need it
  • Have fun and get involved with everything.

So, freshers… welcome to what will be one crazy year.

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