My unforgettable summer experience in Amsterdam with Turing Scheme funding

Studying at Bournemouth University provides students with endless opportunities to discover our potential and best prepare for our future. Thanks to the Turing Scheme funding, I have just had one of the best summers with valuable experience in Amsterdam that I will never forget. In this blog, I will walk you through my journey of… Read more »

Little things I love about living in the UK

People say the first impression lasts, and I think it applies to my study experience in the UK. It has been a few weeks since I finished my postgraduate study in MA Marketing Communications at BU, but everything still feels surreal to me. Little have I realised how fast time has passed and how much… Read more »

Men’s mental health and why we should talk about it

I remember the first time I came across the topic of men’s mental health was when I worked on an 8-week project with Youth Champs for Mental Health (YC4MH) as part of my virtual internship with Think Pacific. What surprised me most was the concerning statistics about men’s mental health. Growing up in a society… Read more »

Celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and experiencing one of the greatest British traditions

This year marks a remarkable momentum in British history when Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service. The Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend will take place from 2 to 5 June across the UK to celebrate this extra special occasion. Join me in… Read more »

How I met my first classmate at BU

Do you remember the first time you receive your official offer letter from Bournemouth University? How did you feel that day? Until now, I still vividly remember the day when I received my official letter and how excited I was to start my new journey in the UK. After the excitement, here came the question:… Read more »

How SportBU Yoga classes have helped me stay healthy and find balance

The convenient location on campus, reasonable student membership fee, regular class schedules, and friendly instructors and staff are why I chose to register for Yoga classes at SportBU. If you are looking for a place to stay healthy and find balance, I’d highly recommend this experience. Great location to overcome my laziness Since I moved… Read more »

How the support of my Faculty Learning Development team has helped me to best perform in my academic work

Before starting my master’s programme at BU, I used to work in the industry for three years. At the beginning of my journey at BU, I used to worry that the academic gap and difference in teaching methods would make my study in the UK more challenging. Little did I know that with the great… Read more »

Free online courses for BU students

Studying at BU will provide students great access to many free courses to help us develop self-study skills and explore a new area of interest whilst being a student. Have you made the most out of these resources? Follow me to discover more. LinkedIn Learning BU students have free access to over 13,000 online courses… Read more »

A special note to the women who inspire me

As International Women’s Day approaches, I would like to take this special occasion to show my gratitude for all the women who inspire, support, and accompany me in my growth journey. Had it not been for their support, I could not have had the motivation to go this far and achieve different milestones in life…. Read more »

My top three podcasts to nurture happiness and mental health while studying abroad

What are the simple things you can do to make your everyday life a little better? How to deal with negative emotions while being alone? What can we do to find peace in mind? If you are also looking for answers to these questions, follow me to discover the three podcasts that help nurture my… Read more »

Understand the UK job market – tips from BU Career team to prepare for my future job

Being part of the job market is the first step to building your career plan. Given the profound impact of the global pandemic, the job market is changing at an ever-faster pace. Especially for international graduates, understanding the UK’s job market will help you become more employable. Here are some tips that the BU Career… Read more »

Opportunities to build intercultural competence while studying at Bournemouth University

Being able to work across cultures is an increasingly necessary skill for graduates to impress employers in the competitive job market. Building intercultural competence while studying at university will benefit your career in the future. What is intercultural competence, and what are the opportunities to build these skills? Follow me to discover more! What is… Read more »