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Studying at BU will provide students great access to many free courses to help us develop self-study skills and explore a new area of interest whilst being a student. Have you made the most out of these resources? Follow me to discover more.

LinkedIn Learning

BU students have free access to over 13,000 online courses on LinkedIn Learning platforms. Whether it is the course relevant to your study at BU or courses to support your personal skills, you can easily find them on LinkedIn Learning. All you need to do is create a LinkedIn profile and log in to LinkedIn Learning using your BU account. You can find more guidance on how to access LinkedIn Learning with IT support here.

Some courses last only about an hour and are run by industry experts to help you improve your skills and knowledge and best prepare for your future career. Moreover, after finishing each course, you will have the opportunity to gain a digital certificate and add that to your public-facing LinkedIn profile. This is an effective way to show your effort in exploring new skills and knowledge and enhance your employability.

Skill Development Programme

Understanding what employers are looking for and building your skills while being a student can bring you plenty of advantages after graduation. To help students develop in-demand skills for today’s job markets, BU is implementing BU Skill Development Programme. The programme is open and accessible for all current BU students. It provides a structured approach to your career development with a set of core workshops delivered by inspiring industry speakers, real-life challenges, and exposure to many extracurricular campus activities and digital resources.

From interpersonal and collaborative skills to relationship management skills or creative and innovative skills, the programme offers a wide of options and a holistic view of skill development for BU students. For example, if you are interested in global citizenship skills like me, you will be provided with guidance on building these skills and experience and showcasing them in your CV. You can see more information about the programme here.


Suppose you want to discover new academic areas. In that case, BU is also offering courses on FutureLearn. This is, an online learning platform offering a wide range of courses from leading universities worldwide. One of the things I like about these courses is that learners can take this self-guided course and learn at their own pace. At every step of the courses, we can also meet other learners, share our ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments.

Preparing for your future career may take a lot of time and effort but knowing that the university is always there to support you will make the journey more enjoyable. With these opportunities, I am confident that my experience and many other students’ experience at BU will be memorable and practical. I hope you find these resources helpful along with your academic work at BU. Let me know if you find an interesting on these platforms in the comments! Take care!

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