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The convenient location on campus, reasonable student membership fee, regular class schedules, and friendly instructors and staff are why I chose to register for Yoga classes at SportBU. If you are looking for a place to stay healthy and find balance, I’d highly recommend this experience.

Great location to overcome my laziness

Since I moved to the UK to study and with the impact of the pandemic, I have tried my best to be healthier and more active. However, one of my reasons for my procrastination when it comes to doing exercises is the lack of motivation to commute to the gym/fitness studio. Especially when the weather is not ideal, I usually struggle to get out of bed and just make a random excuse to stay indoors.

After the campus facilities were open and students started coming back to the campus, I started to register for Yoga and Pilates classes at SportBU. The on-campus location is so convenient for me to simply join a class after a lecture/seminar. The yoga studios have excellent facilities with dimmed light, yoga mats and calm music for participants to enjoy the experience to the fullest. SportBU also provides extra health and safety measures following the university’s guidelines to prevent Covid-19. With all the available facilities and convenience, I couldn’t come up with any other reason to skip my yoga classes.

Perfect place to nurture my flexibility and stillness

One of the things I like the most about the class schedule at SportBU is that they have a wide range of options with different schedules for the member to choose from. All information about the class schedule is updated on the booking system. All I need to do is book the class in advance and use my Student ID card to enter the studio. Moreover, the instructors and staff are really friendly and supportive. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practising for a few years, the instructors offer support for feeling the most comfortable when doing the exercises and poses.

Every class is different with a range of poses and breathing exercises, which helps the participants enjoy or be in the moment to focus on themselves. I find it really helpful, particularly during term time. The yoga studio has become a place for me to meet new people, share the same practice and notice our posture getting better every week. Thanks to this experience, I have become more mindful of the presence and nurture of my breathing and mental well-being while studying abroad.

After joining SportBU’s Yoga and Pilates, I have started forming good new habits to be more active and stay healthy. I try to maintain breathing exercises and simple yoga postures during the holiday or during busy periods. You can find more information about SportBU at:

With spring being here and summer being close, I hope you will enjoy the fresh air and extended daylight and find an excellent way to keep fit and stay healthy while studying at BU!

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