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Do you remember the first time you receive your official offer letter from Bournemouth University? How did you feel that day? Until now, I still vividly remember the day when I received my official letter and how excited I was to start my new journey in the UK. After the excitement, here came the question: what’s next? When I was not sure where to start, I received an email from Bournemouth University with information about a Facebook group for BU offer holders.

The Facebook group was managed by BU staff and created at the first stage of our journey to help new students connect with each other. Many international students joined the group to introduce themselves and their courses or sought advice to best prepare for their departure to the UK. That’s also how I got the chance to connect with Romi, the Indian girl studying MA in Marketing Communications with me.

Both Romi and I spent our first month studying online, given the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic at that time. We share many things in common, whether it was the time difference or the excitement and anxiety to travel to the UK during that time. Romi arrived in the UK two months before I did. She gave me lots of advice about the weather conditions in Bournemouth. Had it not been for her tips, I could not have been best prepared for my first days in the UK. After I arrived, we finally met each other in person for the first time. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Since then, we have also become close friends and helped each other greatly in our studies and our lives.

Spring break has just begun, and it reminds me of the day I first arrived in the UK one year ago. Time flies so fast, and now I am working on my dissertation.

Little did I know that thanks to the Facebook group for BU offer holders, I have met a classmate who later became my BU’s closest friend. If you are starting your course this September, make sure to check your email and join the Offer Holder group to connect with new students. If you want to seek advice from current students about what it is like to study at BU, UniBuddy is also a great place to start a conversation and build connections. Sometimes, a random conversation can be much more meaningful than you have ever imagined. I hope you find this tip helpful once you start your journey at BU, and I wish you the best in your upcoming adventure.

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