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People say the first impression lasts, and I think it applies to my study experience in the UK. It has been a few weeks since I finished my postgraduate study in MA Marketing Communications at BU, but everything still feels surreal to me. Little have I realised how fast time has passed and how much I have grown. If you are considering your study destinations, I hope this blog will give you some insights into the little things I love about living in the UK as an international student.

A breath of fresh air

The moment I arrived at the airport, I could feel the difference between the atmosphere in the UK and in my home country. Coming from a tropical country where the humidity is usually high, I think I have never enjoyed just a breath of fresh air that much. Studying in Bournemouth allows me to enjoy a peaceful yet vibrant life by the sea. I chose to stay near the Lansdowne campus with just a short walk to the beach and the parks. Getting fresh air outdoors was a simple way to help me build a connection with the town and find stillness during term time.

The perfect British tea

Tea is considered a prominent feature of British culture and society. I still remember when my landlord asked me whether I put milk in the tea and taught me how to make a proper cup of British tea, I felt so welcomed. Since then, having a cup of tea has become part of my morning ritual. If you are a tea person like me, you will be excited to see the wide range of tea brands in the supermarkets. Yorkshire tea is known as the UK’s favourite tea brand. I also tried to taste different types of tea in local tearooms whenever I travelled to other cities to compare and have a new experience. Living in Bournemouth, you will have the opportunity to try the delicious Dorset tea inspired by the beautiful surroundings in Dorset.

The beautiful British parks and gardens everywhere I go

The more I stay in the UK, the more I appreciate how British people take care of their gardens or parks. In most of the places I have visited, I can easily find a local park within walking distance to relax and have a nice walk. On the streets, it is easy to spot a lovely garden with different types of flowers and garden gnomes. I believe finding beauty in your daily lives, or on your daily walk is a great way to nurture your love of nature and enrich your soul. That’s one of the things I enjoy the most when living in the UK.

The friendly and polite people

The British are renowned for their politeness. Saying thank you and sorry is as much a tradition as tea. Learning about British etiquette was also one of the first welcoming sessions when I started my course. Like many other international students, it was my first time living far away from home in a new country. The UK has not only welcomed but also made me feel respected just through casual conversations. And I believe culture and people are among important factors that could have great impacts on your life.

Till now, I still believe choosing to study in the UK was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most. I hope you will have an unforgettable living experience in the UK! Take care!

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