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BA Hons Multimedia Journalism

“…And we’re live! Hello everyone this is Hussein, your host for New Music Monday!” If you have ever tuned in to nerve radio between 5-6pm on Monday’s you will probably hear me say this to introduce my show.

Nerve radio and Nerve Media has been a strong, staple presence in SUBU.  A society where the creative personalities of our community gets to express themselves through the medium of radio, podcast, magazine writing, online content creating, and more niche roles within each section.

I started nerve radio in my first year of uni and since then I have continued being a presenter for a generational show New Music Monday, and this year I currently hold the position of Head of Evenings/Specialist shows.

Being a part of this society and playing this role has been a massive space for me to grow and learn.  As a presenter, I get full control of how my radio show will go. The content to create, the conversations to talk about, and the music set list I will be playing. Given it is a weekly show, I have to be rigorous in my pre-planning.

Since radio has gone online this year, the position now enforces me to do audio editing on top of the aforementioned tasks. Hosting a show is not easy, but it massively improves my communication and presenting skills. It taps into my creative outlets and ensure that every week I use all my artistic and intellectual skills into content creating.

Moreover, doing the lives and pre-recorded shows has given me new technical skills that I have not had before. Playing around with new softwares, levels, volumes, mics… it’s a whole world that not a lot of people get to experience. On top of that, you have to be vigilant in promoting your show and interacting with your audience.

Presenting aside, I also uphold the responsibilities of being part of the executive group of Nerve Radio. My role in a nutshell is to take care of all the specialist shows that run throughout the evenings. Collectively, there are around 15 or so shows and I work alongside all the presenters to ensure that their execution is a smooth running process. This involves teaching them how to craft a show, looking into planning, content gathering, and the general “how to’s” in recording and editing.

Moreover, I have to guide them through all the technical features and manage any technical issues that arises. Being able to fill this position, expands my leaderships skills further and ensure that the team’s communication is as transparent as it can be, so everyday we can all air our shows as flawless as possible.

If you ever want to hear the final product of our lovely nerve presenters, just click the link here and party with us.

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