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Moving to university is an entire experience on its own. You have traveled the distance, you have your belongings in bags, and you have just stepped into your accommodation. Now you are here and classes have not yet begun, so you may start to feel the sense of “what now?” 

I have personally met an odd sensation in the first few days of coming or returning to university. To realise that I am again a responsible independent adult, with a room I have to get settled into, and a list of errands to run. For first years, it can be intimidating trying to go out and find friends and attend events. So here are a few tips or reminders that will hopefully be helpful. 

  1. Process the change: Take some time to yourself, focus on the day at hand. Before getting overwhelmed of what you need to do or what you will do, it’s good to just relax for a bit. In my first few days, I wasn’t sure which tasks to tackle. However, listening to music while I hang about in my room, reading a book with a cup of coffee, and exploring my surroundings was definitely a good calm way to start settling in.
  2. Get to know your environment: Finding friends and people you can connect with will be a priority for some, and getting to know your flatmates and course mates is the best way to do that. Fill up your days to go out and see the beach or visit some restaurants or try to make plans with someone you have met. Attending BU fresher events or taking the bus around town are also great ways to stay excited for your new chapter in life.
  3. Make your space, your home: When your room is empty and you are entering a new space, it will feel a little strange. So take the time to get your belongings set up. Making your space is a great distraction to past time and making it homely will help you have a place of comfort.

The first few days is what you make of it, keep your head held high and do what you want. Once you have settled in everything else will hopefully fall into place. To those that may need to undergo quarantine upon arrival, here are some tips on getting through it.

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