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Whether it’s your first time arriving to Bournemouth University or returning for another year, I know all of us are keen to start the next chapter of our lives. However, the circumstances of pandemic traveling will cause some students to quarantine upon arrival. Bournemouth University is fully prepared for this and have opened accommodations to quarantining students from September the 5th.

As an international student that has travelled and will be travelling during the pandemic, I have dealt with a 14 day quarantine already. Yes, being cooped up in a room for days on end may seem daunting, but this is crucial for the safety of yourself and the environment you are arriving into. I strongly advise to stay informed about the pandemic’s situation under the UK’s government website, and the university’s COVID’19 FAQ page.

Quarantine is also the perfect time to take a moment to yourself and adjust. Here are 5 tips that can help 14 days pass by a little quicker.

1. Make it feel like home…

Arriving into a new place and moving in can take time to unpack, adjust, and settle in. Quarantine gives you more than enough time to put your room just how you want it. Start with unpacking your clothes and set up your closet. If you have the materials, then you can begin decorating your room. Try putting up some images or pieces that remind you of home. Overall, make it as comfortable to you as possible. Think about what you want your home space to look like. On a side note, this is a wonderful time to deal with jet lag.

2. Make friends with Res Life…..

ResLife is a programme where a group of BU students are allocated to a University Hall and work to set up events and activities for residents of that Hall. Besides the educational virtual workshops such as, ‘Settling into your new life in the UK’, ‘Culture Shock’, and ‘British Culture’ – ResLife has a few more fun events planned out for students under quarantine. Online events such as a Welcome and Induction to Zoom Calls,  Virtual Book Club, Yoga Classes, and so much more will be ready for you. Check out the virtual workshop sign ups and more info under the Welcome Activities and Events section of the International Student Arrivals page and also like Res Life on facebook to get up to date information on all the amazing events planned during quarantine as well as the months after.

Res Life will also be supplying anyone new to BU who is quarantining in BU Halls a starter pack, which will be ready for you in Halls when you arrive, which will include bedding, a kitchen starter pack and food to help you get through the first few days.  They will also help you get your head around local food delivery options, such as Deliveroo, and how to order groceries online to your Halls directly from shops like Tesco and Asda.

3. Pick up a pen and paper…

Planning is such an underestimated task. Laying out all your “to do’s” when you settle in a new place is important. Look into opening a bank account, do research about the town or UK. Plan a routine of what you wish to do or achieve during quarantine and after quarantine. Moreover, journaling, drawing, photography, and tapping into your creative side is a fun way to kill time. The internet has tons of outlets that can inspire you. Try to find journal prompts, find inspirations to change up your style, or room decor. There is always something you can do to get your creative juices flowing.

4. Switch on study mode…

If you are ready to get back into a routined schedule or keen to gain prior knowledge before starting your course, then set the time to get ahead. Get your foot in the door and your headspace into learning. Review past content, open any books related to your course, or even learn something completely different that you are interested in. You have a million pieces of text at the tip of your fingers which can get you into the rhythm of studying. This can make your transition into uni a lot smoother.

There is some more information here from BU about how to prepare for the start of term.

5. Move about and calm down…

Mental and Physical wellbeing are important. Quarantine can easily allow boredom snacking or make you feel lonely. Therefore, having a 10-15 minute workout set, or a dance session to get a sweat going could make you feel so much better. Likewise, it is also important to take time to meditate, do yoga, prayer, or manage your mental health. Mindfulness exercises are just as important as physical ones. Every time you wake up, do some breathing exercises and get moving!

Keep in mind that if you show any symptoms please reach out to the university and any other appropriate contacts for the situation. Health and safety is a top priority during quarantine. Lastly, please keep yourself informed and updated and follow the New Students Facebook Group. Good luck and take care!

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