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BA Hons Multimedia Journalism

The first semester of BA Hons Multimedia Journalism for year two has been intense. As fun and interesting as the course is, I often felt like there is a lot going on around me. Part of that reason are due to all the other commitments I have made in my professional and personal life. As much of a positive mindset I try to carry, I will say that 2020 as a whole and the past few months have made me a little exhausted.

That being said, it’s December now and winter break is just around the corner. I am excited but scared for what is coming next. However, this break will give me the time necessary to prep myself for looking ahead and prep myself for the new term. Below I have broken down my plans or areas I will be focusing on this break and I hope it will resonate with you as well.

1. Actually take the break…

Taking time off is detrimental to our health. The whole point of the break is to give a breather away from all our responsibilities. At first, I had all these plans of work and scheduling and what I could study and do, but I should definitely take this time to stop. Stop and enjoy the unstructured schedule, the festivities, and the winter days. Stop and allow my brain to fill spaces outside of work. I want to take this moment to get back to what I have not been able to do like baking, reading, running, and even sleeping in past 12! Being able to give myself this rest, will allow my energy and motivation to replenish. It’s a sort of a calibration process to rebalance my life and mindset.


2. Goal setting and mental preparation

Before I jump straight into the new year or the new semester, I need to mentally prepare myself for what’s going to happen next. I need to realise that exams will be coming around the corner and new classes will be introduced. There will be a mix of online and physical learning, and if I need to make changes to my environments before going back into such a routine then this is the time for me to do so. Moreover, highlighting some simple and achievable goals can provide a sense of structure while entering 2021. These goals doesn’t have to be longwinded or drastic, it’s as simple as… “I should go for a walk once a week,” or “I should take 3 hours every Thursday to focus on that class.” Goal setting and planning can be an exhaustive task, but making it fun and laying it all out visually in front of you can give a strong sense of control over what your life is now and what you want your life to be then. Side note, taking this time to figure out what commitments or elements you want to remove before entering 2021 and the new term can be very healthy and important. We only want what’s going to bring us progression and positivity as we move forward.

3. Upholding my momentum

As important as being able to take a break and not do anything, I have to be wary that I don’t lose the momentum that I have kept up this semester. It will be harder to get back in the rhythm of uni if I do absolutely nothing for three weeks. Of course this contradicts with the first point, but figuring out that balance in our break with having fun and relaxing while taking some time to look over our work is key to doing well in the new term. Overall it is not wise to pause all current commitments, rather I shall minimise it. I shall still be able to get up at 9am and do 2-3 hours of work during some of the days of my week. Having this little sense of work still allows our brain to be active and in tune with uni. Although whichever way you want to have an element of work during this break is completely up to you.

This year has been tough, no doubt, but we are almost at the finish line. Yes, the turn of the year may not change everything happening in the world but claiming it as a fresh slate can be a really good thing. As students whether new or current, the last few weeks of this year can be an important time to unwind and prepare ourselves physically and mentally. It is a bit early to say this, but I hope all of you have a wonderful break and a happy new year!

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