What to expect once you’ve confirmed your offer

You’ve confirmed your offer! You feel completely relieved now that you’ve spent weeks, if not months, trying to decide which university and course is right for you, and you’ve done it. Now you’re ready to start preparing for the university you’ve chosen as your top choice. Accommodation options tend to open for bookings around this… Read more »

Revision techniques: What style of ‘Learner’ are you?

When preparing revision and study techniques, it’s always best to consider what type of learner you are. Arden University created this useful quiz that helped me recognise what type of learner I am, with tips on what works best for when I need to remember information. You can find it here: What type of learner… Read more »

What next? My experience as a BU offer-holder

Your experience as an offer holder can feel really daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be! The first thing to remember, is not to feel rushed. If you receive your last offer on or before 19 May 2022, your reply date is 9 June 2022. If you applied later or through ‘Extra’ and your last… Read more »

Understanding Student Finance

The first stage of applying for student finance is to set up an online account. You can do this through Student Finance England (for students from England). It’s best to apply for your finance when applications open, or as early as you can (for most academic years this is from March). However, you can still… Read more »

How to master your Master’s application

If you’re thinking about applying for a postgraduate degree, then you already understand what it’s like to study at a university and the general application process. There are a few key differences between an application for an undergraduate and a postgraduate, however. For a postgraduate course, you can study either a taught related course or… Read more »

My budgeting tips for NHS students

Figuring out how to manage finances as a student can be tough, particularly if you’re an NHS student required to participate in mandatory unpaid placements throughout the year. I’ve worked for the NHS as a health care worker for 3 years and have met many students. Alongside this, I am a social work student in… Read more »

Looking after No.1: Your wellbeing whilst at university

Moving away from home, to a new city, or even just starting a new academic adventure is a huge life change for anyone. The concerns and worries that can surface when at university can make the whole exciting transition very overwhelming. Here are just a few of my wellbeing tips, advice and services available that I’ve… Read more »

How bursaries have impacted my HE journey

Grants, bursaries, loans and scholarships! It can be so overwhelming starting university and wondering how you’ll be able to afford to support yourself whilst studying. Bournemouth University offers two bursaries to students that are eligible to coincide with your student loan. The first one I’m going to run through is the BU Maintenance Bursary. I’ve… Read more »

Exploring Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas

Wondering what there is to do in and around Bournemouth that doesn’t involve Bournemouth’s nightlife? This blog will fill you in on activities and days out Dorset and the surrounding area’s has to offer. Bournemouth is known for its golden sandy beach, which is voted the 20th best beach globally and 5 best in Europe… Read more »

Sticking to resolutions – study and lifestyle

It’s the start of the year new and to go with it come the resolutions we all vow to make that have a 1-week expiry date. In this blog I’m going to talk through some of my New Years Resolutions and Goals for the past year and how I managed to achieve them. First, I… Read more »

Thankyou gifts from my placement on my last day

How placement opportunities can strengthen your employability

During my second year studying Social Work, I completed a 70-day placement working in substance misuse with adults in the community. For my course, the placement is mandatory, therefore the pressure was taken off finding it myself, as this was down to the course academic leads to match us. Whether your course includes a mandatory… Read more »