My first month at Bournemouth University

My first month at Bournemouth University was pretty daunting. Growing up in the town, I was used to the general area but starting at a university can still be a large stepping stone. The first month involved settling in to a new part of my life. I went along to meet the academic teams and… Read more »

My top tips for shortlisting a university

Choosing a university can be a huge deal. This may be your home for the next three years minimum, alongside where you may make contacts, both professional and social that could stay with you for life. For me, I wanted to choose a university that was going to have a lasting impact on my career…. Read more »

Is Uni For me

Is university right for me?

University is a huge investment in your life, £9000+ a year of fees, potentially moving away, three to four years of studying and giving up things. To some people, especially for me, I just assumed I’d always go to university from a young age. I never really considered the impact it would have on me,… Read more »

Social Media icons on a phone

7 ways to be social at university

Starting university for the first time can be daunting, particularly the idea of making new friends and socialising but it’s not all scary! Here are a few ways you can make new friends at university: Set up a WhatsApp/Facebook Group Have a hunt around to see if there’s any already going the summer before you… Read more »

SUBU Elections Night 2019 (Women's Committee)

What university has taught me

University for me hasn’t just been about studying academically. It’s allowed me to learn lots about myself, my future and the world around me. When I first applied, I don’t believe that I realised at the time, the amount of growing as a person you do whilst at university, especially during your early to late… Read more »

What to expect once you’ve confirmed your offer

You’ve confirmed your offer! You feel completely relieved now that you’ve spent weeks, if not months, trying to decide which university and course is right for you, and you’ve done it. Now you’re ready to start preparing for the university you’ve chosen as your top choice. Accommodation options tend to open for bookings around this… Read more »

Revision techniques: What style of ‘Learner’ are you?

When preparing revision and study techniques, it’s always best to consider what type of learner you are. Arden University created this useful quiz that helped me recognise what type of learner I am, with tips on what works best for when I need to remember information. You can find it here: What type of learner… Read more »

What next? My experience as a BU offer-holder

Your experience as an offer holder can feel really daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be! The first thing to remember, is not to feel rushed. If you receive your last offer on or before 19 May 2022, your reply date is 9 June 2022. If you applied later or through ‘Extra’ and your last… Read more »

Understanding Student Finance

The first stage of applying for student finance is to set up an online account. You can do this through Student Finance England (for students from England). It’s best to apply for your finance when applications open, or as early as you can (for most academic years this is from March). However, you can still… Read more »