The Festive Season in Bournemouth

If you’re staying in Bournemouth over the festive period, there’s always plenty to of opportunities to get all Christmassy. The festive season in Bournemouth is always one of my favourite times of year. Bournemouth and the surrounding areas within South Dorset have so much to offer. One of my favourite is the free display of… Read more » about The Festive Season in Bournemouth

Shopping for Food and Other Essentials- A Guide

When I started my year at Bournemouth, the first task at hand was to set up a life. This meant getting basic necessities – kitchen utensils, bedding, toiletries and food. I was quite unsure as to what the best place to get all that was and didn’t know what brands or products I could rely… Read more » about Shopping for Food and Other Essentials- A Guide

Budgeting – A Student’s Financial Life-hacks

Handling finances can be tricky, especially when you’ve moved to a new place. The currency is different, the prices of commodities are new and most students are dealing with a fixed budget – having to balance basic needs, school supplies as well as at least a little bit of a social life. This blog is… Read more » about Budgeting – A Student’s Financial Life-hacks

Shops for every style and need

Giorgios Kapsanakis is from Greece and is studying MA Directing Film and Television. In this vlog he shares his experience of shopping in Bournemouth and reassures us that there’s a wide range of shopping variety which suits absolutely everyone! Giorgios Kapsanakis, Greece, MA Directing Film and Television, 2017/18

A guide on affordable shopping in Bournemouth

Erin Snell is from the United States and is studying BA (Hons) Media and Communications. In her vlog she gives advices on where to find affordable food, clothes and homeware. A very useful and practical guide! Erin Snell, USA, BA (Hons) Media and Communications, 2017/18

A store for everything

I’m Milla Räsänen from Sweden and I’m studying an MSc in Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology. I’m going to share my favourite shopping tips. Bournemouth has wonderful shopping opportunities and you can be sure to find whatever you’re looking for. The town centre has all the major chains, as well as small boutiques. If you’re up… Read more » about A store for everything