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Final year

BA (Hons) Social Work

Studying an accredited course means your course has been approved by a professional body. Social Work is an accredited course because it has been accredited and regulated by Social Work England. It means that the course is up to date with current and relevant training d information for the sector and that the academic teaching team are registered or actively practising social work upon teaching us.

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Upon graduating, this means I’m able to apply for registration with Social Work England and become a registered social worker. To call yourself a social worker is a legal title, and it is protected by your registration through Social Work England. This means it is only legal to call yourself and practice as a social worker if you are on the register.

As per the regulation rules, if you were to take a break from the register or out of practice, for a period, then you would be required to complete extra training if you wished to re-register. It is possible to stop practicing but remain on the register, so long ad you demonstrate that you are still meeting all of the professional standards and continuing professional development. These are two requirements to remain on the register. This is what many lecturers do.

Social Work England took over the social work registration from HCPC. Social Work England set standards specialist to the role and profession of the social worker, instead of all HCPC registered professions. The professional standards set by Social Work England, were published in July 2019. Social Work England say that these standards apply to all registered social workers in all roles and settings. These are necessary to enforce safe and effective care and practice. You can read the professional standards here: Professional standards – Social Work England.

If you chose to leave the register for whatever reason, for more than two years, should you wish to return to practice, there are processes in place to ensure your training and knowledge is still relevant and up to date. As social work practice involves law and policies that are ever changing. You should be able to demonstrate that you have kept up to date with relevant knowledge and practice during your break. If you require further skills and knowledge that are up to date before returning to your registration as a social worker, then you may use 30-60 days of practice through supervised practice, formal and private study to become accredited again.

Entering a regulated profession has some benefits. These include being supported by the regulatory body through training courses and lectures that will all prepare you for your employment. You can register as a student and become recognised whilst you are studying they are there to offer guidance and support during this time.

Not all university courses are necessary to be accredited. Although it is a good thing to look out for you, as it can be a positive attribute for employers to see, they are only really necessary if your chosen career path requires it.

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