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This International Self-care day it’s good to highlight and remember some of those ways we can encourage our self-care.

Self-care isn’t all a pamper session with face masks and a bubble bath – although it can be. Looking after yourself has so many other aspects too, including the financial, physical, psychological, and emotional ways we can support our own bodies.

Best evening routine recipe graphic

Best evening routine recipe

1. Sleep routines. Hands up if your sleep routine isn’t the best. We as humans thrive on routine and we also need to generate enough rest and sleep to feel refreshed and energised to start our day.

On average we need around 8 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period.

Getting ourselves into a consistent routine with sleep can really benefit our health. For every 1 hour of sleep we get before midnight, is the equivalent of 2 hours rest to our bodies so trying to catch some rest before midnight is a great first step in allowing ourselves to wake up feeling fully rested.

2. We all need time to wind down and relax. This could be doing something with someone we enjoy spending our time with or doing something independently. For myself, reading a book, listening to some music, attending an evening yoga class or watching a film is my way to switch off in the evenings.

Boundary setting

3. Boundary setting. This is important to help us encourage respecting our own needs. Boundaries protect the things that are of value to you and keep you in alignment with what you want to get out of life. Boundaries help us to avoid feeling burnout and stressed and allow us to regain some control over ourselves and how we’d like to be treated. This can be socially, in the workplace or with our studies.


4. Learning when to say no. This one is closely linked with boundary setting. If you overexert yourself to everyone, then you end up stressed and burnt out. Being able to say no to what you’re not comfortable with, allows you to gain control over your life and helps you to focus on what you can say yes to.

5. Asking for help when necessary. It can be really tough asking for help and I really struggle with this one, but knowing when you need some extra support with something in your life can be really important. Having the pressure taken off you or knowing that someone else has your back can make the world of difference when juggling something difficult in life.

Hands holding a piece of paper to the sky reading Gratitude is the best Attitude!

Gratitude is the best Attitude!

6. Set some financial and career intentions and make a note of them somewhere you’ll see daily. Make sure you prioritise them when planning your next steps in life.

7. Take the time to write down your gratitude’s. Reminding ourselves daily of what we’re grateful for can really help to remind ourselves of the positives and blessings in our lives when we’re having a tough day.

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