How to be a BU student

For those of you starting September this year!! Having been a BU student for four years, there are many tips and tricks I’ve learned during my time here to save time and money here. Here’s a quick blog surrounding all the little things that make life easier – some we wish we knew in our… Read more »

The ultimate guide to student discounts

There is a rumour going around that says that living and studying in the UK is so expensive that you, as a student, have to struggle to cover all the expenses without breaking your wallet – but I’m here to tell you that’s not the case! You can still enjoy delicious foods, drinks and all… Read more »

The wonderful world of student discounts

Everyone says that when you’re a student you can’t buy new things because you have to pay for rent and all the adult things included in living alone. This is only partly true. I have for you the guide to being able to buy stuff and do fun activities all without breaking the bank. First… Read more »

Making the most of student discounts

Being a student can be a tough time financially, but the strain is eased by making use of your student discount.  Your student card can be used to get discounts from a vast range of shops and services, plus you can get extra discounts by buying an NUS Extra card.  Here are my top tips… Read more »