The Festive Season in Bournemouth

If you’re staying in Bournemouth over the festive period, there’s always plenty to of opportunities to get all Christmassy. The festive season in Bournemouth is always one of my favourite times of year. Bournemouth and the surrounding areas within South Dorset have so much to offer. One of my favourite is the free display of… Read more » about The Festive Season in Bournemouth

Travel advice exploring Bournemouth and the local area

Whether you prefer using public transport, travelling by air, or riding bicycles, Bournemouth offers all those great and convenient options that help you easily explore the local area and other cities in the UK in all the way you want. Going from London I remember arriving at Heathrow Airport in London in the middle of… Read more » about Travel advice exploring Bournemouth and the local area

Travel The World Virtually

Stuck in lockdown with wanderlust? You are not the only one! It’s been three weeks since the UK entered a period of lockdown, which has had a huge impact on all of our lives, especially to all those who had plans over the holidays. However, thanks to the internet, there is a possibility to travel… Read more » about Travel The World Virtually

Tips for Easy Travelling

Hi guys! I’m Malvika Shahi and I’m doing my Masters in Creative Writing and Publishing at Bournemouth University. Travelling around the UK on a budget is quite easy, you can read all about it on our blog about Exploring the UK on a budget. So, now that you’ve booked your tickets and are ready to… Read more » about Tips for Easy Travelling