MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology – What it has to offer

Hi guys! In today’s blog, I am going to talk about the things that I love about my course! Hopefully, it will give you some advice if you’re interested in clinical psychology. Course content and course structure First of all, the course content is very broad and touches every topic that you would be interested… Read more »

Postgraduate students…what do they do exactly?

Hello everyone. Today, we will dig into a life of a postgraduate student. What do they do? Is it all about studying? What else is offered in Bournemouth for us Master’s students? Let’s have a look. What can be done within the university? If your accommodation is within close distance to the university, you may… Read more »

Do your research and ask your questions – BU and online events

Hello everyone. I am Talya, an international student from Turkey studying MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology at BU. Today, I’m going to talk about my experience of BU Events online. You should know that you can receive the answer to most of your questions before you even set foot in the UK if you carefully… Read more »

An enjoyable comparison of Turkish and British culture – My adaptation so far – Part II

Hello everyone. As some of you may remember, I wrote a blog about the comparisons of  Turkish and British life from my perspective as an international student. Here is part II! Punctuality Timing is really important for British people, and they have odd rules around meal times. For instance, it appears to be acceptable to… Read more »

Money, money, money – scholarship options for Turkish students

Hello guys. I am Talya from Turkey, and I am studying MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology here at BU. If you’re a student who would like to study at BU, I will give you some funding options to consider before managing your finances. Initially the course you are interested in and your previous work experience… Read more »

An enjoyable comparison of Turkish and British culture – My adaptation so far – Part I

Hello everyone. I am Talya and I am studying MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology at BU. I wanted to write an enjoyable piece, comparing the Turkish and British life as an international student from Turkey. Let’s get started, shall we? The culture Coming from a collectivistic culture, it is really interesting to see the differences between… Read more »

How to write a successful application for the Executive Dean’s Scholarship

Hello everyone. Before enrolment, I received an Executive Dean’s Scholarship (50% tuition fee waiver), and I must say that really helped with my finances considering the exchange rates, living expenses and the difference in tuition fees for international non-EU students that are applied by all universities in the UK. That’s why I wanted to prepare a… Read more »