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Hello guys! Many of you may be thinking about what to do and how you will adjust during the first weeks of your studies at BU, so today I will be telling you about my first weeks here at BU as an international postgraduate student.

Moving in and adjusting to Bournemouth

The beautiful coast of Bournemouth

I arrived a week before I started at BU. The main struggle was to find a decent place to live in considering this will be my home for the next 12 months. Luckily, I found a shared accommodation with five other BU students in the town centre before arrival.

Emptying your heavy luggage is a big struggle. But you will love being independent eventually. At first, it is okay to feel homesick. But things will get better. I am in my second month now, and I am getting used to living on my own. You’ll run to Tesco to do your big shopping, go to Primark for a nice and soft quilt and new bedding, and you will tune into that box into your living area in under a week’s time.

”Legalising” yourself in the country

Do you have a Tier4 visa? Do you think that’s enough? You’re wrong, you’re wrong… Within the five days of arrival, I needed to go to the Police station for registration and to BU to receive my residence permit. Then I applied to open a bank account and for a National Insurance number. Those few bits are exhausting, I agree, but they will help you much more as you go along.

Navigating yourself in the city

You will get lost, guys. I have been lost many times, and I wasn’t really good with Google Maps, to begin with. I can confidently say that my housemate, Sianagh, was my online navigation. Whenever I’d get lost, she was a phone call away and was always helping me with a sprinkle of ”Oh, you do make me chuckle” at the end. Now, as I am cycling everywhere in the city, I can say that I am near the phase of becoming a Bournemouth expert. The triangle, Christchurch, Lansdowne, Castlepoint, Winton… You’ll become a pro after a few weeks!

Where is where, and what to do in the campus?

The conversations I had with my flatmate to find my way in Bournemouth

You should download the iBU app to be able to see your timetable and download either Talbot or Lansdowne Campus maps to your laptop, they helped me a lot! Don’t be shy for asking for direction, go to Poole House and ask to the reception or to The Base. Everyone has been there, no-one will judge you.

Me at Fresher’s Fair trying to get a free Nando’s meal




In the first week, don’t skip the Fresher’s Fair. It helped me to get to know the campus life, join societies and engage in with friends from other courses. Make the most out of your first week. I spent my first few weeks joining international events like Global BUddies, Dylan’s quiz nights on Mondays and being with my new flatmates. Make the most out of your first few weeks before the academic year begins.

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