Money, money, money – scholarship options for Turkish students

Hello guys. I am Talya from Turkey, and I am studying MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology here at BU. If you’re a student who would like to study at BU, I will give you some funding options to consider before managing your finances. Initially the course you are interested in and your previous work experience… Read more »

Engaging campus tours as a Student Ambassador

Hey guys, this is Talya! I am an international student coming from Turkey, studying MSc in Clinical Psychology here in Bournemouth University. Today we are going to explore how is it like to be a student ambassador and will focus specifically on giving campus tours as part of the role. Let’s begin, shall we? Why… Read more »

An enjoyable comparison of Turkish and British culture – My adaptation so far – Part I

Hello everyone. I am Talya and I am studying MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology at BU. I wanted to write an enjoyable piece, comparing the Turkish and British life as an international student from Turkey. Let’s get started, shall we? The culture Coming from a collectivistic culture, it is really interesting to see the differences between… Read more »

How to write a successful application for the Executive Dean’s Scholarship

Hello everyone. Before enrolment, I received an Executive Dean’s Scholarship (50% tuition fee waiver), and I must say that really helped with my finances considering the exchange rates, living expenses and the difference in tuition fees for international non-EU students that are applied by all universities in the UK. That’s why I wanted to prepare a… Read more »