Mediterranean to English Cuisine: Turkish Food Options in Bournemouth

Hello guys! This is Talya from Turkey. I am currently studying my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at BU. Today I will talk about my experience with adapting to the English cuisine and will give some tips for cooking! What’s the main difference between the Turkish and the English cuisine? Turkish cuisine originates from Middle… Read more »

Engaging campus tours as a Student Ambassador

Hey guys, this is Talya! I am an international student coming from Turkey, studying MSc in Clinical Psychology here in Bournemouth University. Today we are going to explore how is it like to be a student ambassador and will focus specifically on giving campus tours as part of the role. Let’s begin, shall we? Why… Read more »

My placement experience at Poole Hospital

I am Milla Räsänen from Sweden studying MSc Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology. I’ve been on work placement at the stroke rehab ward in Poole hospital since October 2017. On my course, the university arranges placements for us. But of course, if there’s a specific place where you want to do your placement, you’re welcome to… Read more »

A store for everything

I’m Milla Räsänen from Sweden and I’m studying an MSc in Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology. I’m going to share my favourite shopping tips. Bournemouth has wonderful shopping opportunities and you can be sure to find whatever you’re looking for. The town centre has all the major chains, as well as small boutiques. If you’re up… Read more »