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MSc Foundations of Clinical Psychology

Hi guys, this is Talya. Today I am sharing information regarding the health and wellbeing services provided by BU. Since I have a degree in Psychology and currently undertaking my MSc in Clinical Psychology at BU, I am very much interested of the wellbeing of others. It is safe to say that BU has a great support system for students for both physical and mental needs. So, what do they offer?

Student Wellbeing

The Medical Centre collaborates with local charities and other support services around Dorset

It is common to experience stress, anxiety and depression at times. BU supports students with their  Student Wellbeing service where students are offered help according to their needs. For example, for problems such as homesickness and mild stress you might receive support from a wellbeing officer. For long-term issues such as anxiety and depression, you’re assigned by a counsellor and receive 6-week sessions. They also offer drop-in sessions. Student Wellbeing runs regular workshops for students to join and discuss their issues regarding their lives and education as well. For students who need additional support, they help them access services with the NHS such as Steps2Wellbeing and IPTS. I think It’s great for a university to take great care of students’ mental health it’s as important as physical health and prevents problems from going further and interrupting both educational and personal life.

Medical centre

Appointments need to be booked unless there is an emergency and they offer support from Monday to Friday.

All students enrolled to BU will be assigned to their GP at the Medical Centre at Talbot House. I suggest you attend the Freshers’ Fair and fill out your medical information. They will contact you a few days after the fair and you log in with your NHS number and password easily. They offer health services, medical advice and advice on sexual health. Usually you’ll need to book an appointment before you go in, though for urgent cases there’s no need to book an appointment. The Doctors and Nurses are very friendly and, for me, it was very convenient to go as it’s located at Talbot House, which is near where I study. But you should always keep in mind to spare a few hours for your appointment in case there is any delay.

SUBU and Mental Health Zone

Mental Health Zone is running workshop and events throughout the year and it is a brilliant student-led initiative.

SUBU, the Students’ Union at BU is also another option in terms of wellbeing support. You can always go to SUBU Advice for any kind of doubt or problem to clear your mind. Additionally, the Vice President Welfare and Equal Opportunities organises many events during term time, help run workshops and contacts with healthcare professionals from the NHS and private companies to come and provide support and information to students. Mental Health Zone is a brilliant initiative that is run by student volunteers. I am a proud member of MHZ and we are trying to support student wellbeing while concurrently trying to reduce the mental health stigma. Throughout the year, we are running campaigns, workshops and events that are open to all BU students and we are always happy to welcome new volunteers that would like to help others, no matter what course they are in.

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