Seeking help

Writing Space – Talbot and Lansdowne

Writing Space – Talbot and Lansdowne Image from Writing can be difficult and lonely at times. Getting out and away from your usual distractions can help boost your productivity. Sometimes, it’s nice to write amongst a group of other like-minded colleagues, working quietly together and gently encouraging each other to soldier on. The following… Read more »

Try something different

With its vast agile space, glass-fronted seminar rooms and buzzing collaborative zones, BU’s new Fusion Building offers the perfect opportunity to reimagine learning scenarios – both inside the new walls and elsewhere on our campuses.The Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL) is supporting staff to ‘try something different’ and inspire our students through innovative learning. There… Read more »

Are you familiar with augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a way of animating the world using a smartphone or iPad that works by linking content such as videos, hyperlinks or documents to images viewed through the device.  In AR, the real-world is supplemented or augmented by sound, video, graphics or map-based information.  For example, someone could point a smartphone at… Read more »

Do you have experience designing and developing professional development programmes?

Philip Long of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Faculty of Management, would be very pleased to hear from any colleagues who have experience in designing and delivering professional development programmes in collaboration with external partners. He will submit a bid to the Newcastle/Gateshead Cultural Initiative for a feasibility study on designing a CPD programme… Read more »