CEL events at Festival of Learning 2016

The Centre for Excellence in Learning will be running two events at the next Festival of Learning 2016. The first event captioned“Education Matters: share your story” will run from 11am – 4pm on Sunday 26 June 2016 and will consist of series of stalls in the community (potentially in the Bournemouth Lower Gardens). As an inclusive, participative and informal event,… Read more »

Guidance on preserving social media

Apologies for cross posting – thanks to UK Data service for sharing Guidance on preserving social media Social media plays an increasingly important role as we embrace networked platforms and applications in our everyday lives. The UK Data Service is pleased to share the latest Technology Watch Report ‘Preserving Social Media’, published by the Digital… Read more »

Hurry –Erasmus funds available for staff mobility for a limited time only!

This is a reminder that there are a few days left to make your application for Erasmus Staff Mobility Funding! You may recall the blogpost released earlier this month which outlined that we have funding left for training and teaching at other European institutions and organisations. If you are thinking about submitting an application but… Read more »

Have you completed the digital skills self-assessment?

If you can spare 10 minutes, please complete the online self-assessment survey. Filling out the form will help you to assess your confidence in using tools from the TEL Toolkit along with other digital skills.  You can print or download the completed questionnaire and use the information to guide your future learning and development plans…. Read more »

Digital work-life-balance: ‘Going off the grid’: Can employees really switch off during travel?

The half-day event takes place on Wednesday, 9th of March 2016 from 12.00-17.00 at Bournemouth University, UK, Talbot Campus, Kimmeridge House. The event aims to discuss the idea of ‘going off the grid’ and asks: What happens if ‘switching off’ is no longer an option in our hyper-connected and work-centred lifestyles? Event background and description:… Read more »

Pedagogy: Engagement

This post supports and is aligned to the TEL Toolkit pedagogy. Its purpose is to be a focus point for comments, suggestions, case studies, research and ultimately a community of practice for staff who have an interest in this area. We welcome your feedback and comments on this pedagogy in teaching and learning.