New book by CEL’s Dr. Jenny Hall

Congratulations to Dr. Jenny Hall in the Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL) who published a new book this month Spirituality and Childbirth: meaning and care at the start of lifeThe book is published by Routledge (which is part of the Taylor & Frances Group) and co-edited by Professor Susan Crowther, at The Robert Gordon University (based in Aberdeen, Scotland).

Spirituality & Childbirth brings together a number of disciplines including midwifery, anthropology, psychology and hermeneutics.  The book is innovative and aims to invoke reflection on aspects of birth, especially issues normally taken for granted, ignored or left silenced.  Spirituality & Childbirth draws attention to spirituality in and around the start of life from a variety of thought-provoking perspectives, it examines the apparent paradox of impersonal biomedical-technocratic systems operating alongside the meaningful experiences encountered by those involved. Themes covered include:

  • Notions of holism and spirituality, culture, religion and spirituality
  • Childbirth significance at societal level
  • Spiritual care in maternity care provision
  • Birth environment, mood, space and place
  • Spiritual experience of all those involved, including health professionals
  • Spiritual experience when birth is complex and challenging
  • When birth and death are juxtaposed.

Follow the progress of the book on Twitter @spiritbirthbook  #spiritbirth


Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen



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