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TeachBU Update – Colleagues Achieving HEA Fellowship

I’m delighted to confirm that the following colleagues in the Faculties have recently achieved HEA Fellowship from Advance HE after applying through TeachBU: Associate Fellow: Estella Pochin (BUBS) Hamed Hamzeh (FST) Fellow: Sara Sayer (FHSS) Senior Fellow: Dalia Elsheikh Diogo Montalvao (FST) Duncan Light (BUBS) Heidi Singleton (FHSS)   Congratulations!!!   Dr Martyn Polkinghorne Chair… Read more »

Are you Applying for HEA Fellowship?

If you are applying for HEA Fellowship this academic year via our TeachBU programme, then the final submission date has been revised and is now the 7th June 2021. Details about how to apply can be accessed here. Applications to TeachBU can be in the categories of Associate Fellow, Fellow or Senior Fellow. TeachBU will… Read more »

Introduction to Education Practice for PGRs

The Introduction to Education Practice for PGRs is the course that all PGRs at BU must complete before they are eligible to undertake any teaching activities (Code of Practice for Research Degrees p67). In addition to the knowledge gained, part of the value of the course has always been the face-to-face interactions between PGRs and… Read more »

TeachBU Update – BU Ahead of Sector Average

New data released by AdvanceHE confirms the excellent news that 75.4% of BU academics now have HEA Fellowship in one of the four categories (Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow). This is compared to a sector average of 52.8% and a Universities UK benchmark average of just 45.8%. The data released does not… Read more »

TeachBU Update

I am delighted to confirm that Dr Mel Hughes from FHSS has agreed to take on the role as Deputy Chair of the TeachBU Assessment Panel. Congratulations and a massive thanks to Mel for her continued support of the TeachBU initiative which is key to our ability to offer AdvanceHE’s HEA Fellowships to BU staff…. Read more »

QAA – Building a Taxonomy for Digital Learning

The QAA has issued guidance on “Building a Taxonomy for Digital Learning”. This guidance is designed to support academics to develop ways of talking about digital methods of delivery, to articulate what students can reasonably expect, and to assure that both quality, and standards, are maintained. The guidance can be accessed here if you are… Read more »

20+20+20… why not give it a try!

If you are finding that looking at the screen all day makes your eyes feel tired, then maybe you could try using the 20+20+20 rule, i.e. every 20 mins of screen time you look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Why not give it a try and see if it helps. Dr Martyn… Read more »

TeachBU Update – Faculty Colleagues Achieving HEA Fellowship

Already during this academic year, I’m delighted to confirm that the following BU colleagues have been awarded HEA Fellowship via the TeachBU CPD route: Fellow: Catherine Gutmann Roberts – FST Orlanda Harvey – FMC Thomas Stoeckle – FMC Searchmore Muridzo – FMC Shovita Dhakal Adhikari – FHSS   Associate Fellow Chloe Casey – FHSS Shaqaieq… Read more »

Racing Around Poole Harbour in a Sunseeker – 25 Years On

Sometimes in our professional lives, something triggers us to reflect on past events. Some of my colleagues may already know that from my PhD research, I invented the first commercially available intelligent ship autopilot. Back in the early 1990’s, this was an early application of using artificial intelligence in a commercial product. This October, it… Read more »