PGCert Update ā€“ BU Colleagues Achieving HEA Fellowship

Iā€™m delighted to confirm that the following colleagues in the faculty have recently achieved Advance HE’s HEA Fellowship after successfully completing the PGCert in Education Practice:

  • Andrew M’Manga (FST)
  • Anna Metzger (FST)
  • Anthony Ezenwa (BUBS)
  • Carolina Machado Oliveira (FMC)
  • Daniel Bailyes (Library)
  • Duncan Sleightholme (FMC)
  • Emily Brooks (HSS)
  • Enrico Sgroi (HSS)
  • Fay Sweeting (FST)
  • Giulio Olesen (FMC)
  • Jo Staples (HSS)
  • Jose Blazquez
  • Lei Xu (BUBS)
  • Linda Agyemang (HSS)
  • Michael Cryne (FST)
  • Noah Nzeribe (BUBS)
  • Pat Knight (Library)
  • Roberta Discetti (BUBS)
  • Toscani, Matteo (FST)
  • Veronica Izquierdo Manrique (HSS)
  • Wing Cheung (BUBS)


Dr Martyn Polkinghorne
Acting Chair of the PGCert Assessment Panel for Fellowship Decisions

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