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What are Release Conditions and how can I use them?

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Release Conditions allow you to release content and activities in a sequential order or to create custom learning paths for your students through the materials and activities in your unit. For example, you could create a condition that requires students to view a content topic before they gained access to a quiz. A wide range… Read more »

5 Ways Medical Virtual Reality Is Already Changing Healthcare

Virtual Reality started its fascinating take-over of healthcare for the greatest pleasure of patients and doctors alike. Here are five great examples of medical VR transforming patient lives and how doctors work. Did you know that it is possible to swim with whales in the ocean while lying in a hospital bed? Have you imagined… Read more »

Top 5 Higher Education Technology Trends For 2019

Like other aspects of life, the field of education has been transformed by the changes brought about by the digital era. Over the past couple of decades, new technologies have been used to deliver educational materials, analyse learners’ performance, and design new learning for methods. At the same time, online and blended learning modalities have… Read more »

Have you tried Padlet yet? Rebecca Hindley

What is Padlet? Padlet is a web-based whiteboard or bulletin board where students and teachers can collaborate, reflect, share text, images, video and links in a secure online location. Padlet allows users to create a hidden wall with a custom URL, that you can then embed into Brightspace if you want to, and as the… Read more »

Designing learning and assessment in a digital age

Learning occurs as the result of interaction between learners and their environment. When the learning has a planned outcome, it becomes a purposeful activity that requires the artistry and skill of a learning designer. READ MORE HERE

Social Media in Education

There is valuable knowledge to be gained through social media such as analytics and insight on various topics or issues for study purposes. Social media is also a medium where students can establish beneficial connections in their careers. As an educational institution, it is crucial to be active in many social platforms possible, this helps… Read more »