🌟 Introducing TeachBU’s Spectacular Workshop Series: Elevate Your TeachBU Journey! 🌟

At TeachBU, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest range of dynamic workshops tailored to meet the diverse needs of applicants, mentors, and assessors alike. Dive into a transformative experience designed to spark innovation, develop collaboration, share and elevate your educational prowess using TeachBU. 

🌈 Workshop Extravaganza for Future Fellows: 

For Teach BU Applicants: TeachBU has your back with a magical array of workshops designed to energise you. Whether you’re eyeing that coveted Associate Fellowship (AFHEA), Fellowship (FHEA), or Senior Fellowship (SFHEA) status, the TeachBU workshops are your golden ticket to success. Please sign up and book here and if you have any questions please email TeachBU@bournemouth.ac.uk  

🚀 Teach BU Online Q & A (On Teams, 12-1): 🚀 

  • Thursday 9th May (Online);
  • Thursday 13th June (Online);
  • Thursday 11th July (Online).

🎉 TeachBU Fellowship Applicant Sessions (F2F): 🎉 

  • Thursday 30th May 10-11 (Lansdowne);
  • Tuesday 25th June 11-12 (Talbot);
  • Thursday 25th July 11-12 (TBC).

🌟 Assessors and Mentors, Let’s Dive into PSF 2023 + Feedback Workshops! 🌟 

Get ready to fasten your seatbelts and embark on an exciting journey as we gear up for the TeachBU Mentor Training Sessions and Assessors Feedback Workshops! Whether you’re a seasoned mentor or a feedback maestro, these workshops are designed to spark creativity, build camaraderie, share and supercharge your skills. Grab your calendars and mark these dates and sign up here and if you have any questions please email TeachBU@bournemouth.ac.uk  

 Mentor & Assessor PSF 2023:  

Prepare to be dazzled as we delve into the enchanting world of PSF 2023. From boosting confidence to encouraging innovation, PSF 2023 is your magical wand to create the perfect spell of development for your mentees.  

  • Thursday 23rd May 10-11 (Talbot);
  • Thursday 25th June 10-11 (Talbot);
  • Thursday 25th July 10-11 (TBC).

🌟 Assessor Feedback Training 🌟 

Ideating + Sharing the Art of Encouragement and Unlock the secrets of effective feedback. Let’s to turn constructive feedback into a powerful potion for growth. Our workshops are about nurturing a culture of continuous development and celebration. 

  • Tuesday 7th May 10-11 (Lansdowne);
  • Tuesday 4th June 10-11 (TBC);
  • Tuesday 2nd July 10-11 (TBC).

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