Brightspace changes and support for AY 23/24

Welcome back to a new academic year! Students will have access to units for Semester 1/2/3 one week prior to the start of Semester 1, and for the majority of programmes that will be this week (w/c 11th September).

Key changes

Here is a summary of some of the key changes you’ll find on Brightspace units this year, to support you with providing a consistent experience for students across their units:

Lessons Content experience     


Adoption of a single, consistent structure across all units for students, which helps make Brightspace easier to navigate and find and revisit content.
Student contact points


-Email Notifications

Key Announcements can now be pinned to the top of the Announcements display.

Email Notifications are now turned off.  Encourage students to check notifications via their units and use the Pulse app.

Unit Information and


-staff guidance

Each content module now includes a staff guide with integrated step by step guidance on unit design and structuring content.
Video Notes Recommendation to use short Video Notes in each of the main module

areas to introduce the content within that section.

Teaching Team Widget  Coming soon!  Automatically pulls teaching team information from the Classlist.
Assignment Brief New HTML templates have been created for Faculty Assignment briefs.
Default Discussion Board Make use of the default Discussion forums which include detailed instructions for students on their use.
Weekly topics and Learning Materials

-Naming convention

To retain consistency follow the naming format as laid out on the default modules i.e. ’1. Topic—w/c dd/mm/yy’ .

Summary of key Brightspace changes – pdf version.

Example unit

Check out our Example unit on Brightspace, available to all staff, which uses real content examples to help you envisage how your updated unit might look.

Further support and guidance

The Brightspace Staff Resources area (under the Help tab anywhere on Brightspace) has all the guidance you need to support you with using Brightspace and other digital tools. We’ve pulled together some of the key activities for this time of the academic year, including how to copy content across units and how to copy across Panopto recordings, under our Unit Preparation guidance.

As well as our online guidance, your Faculty Learning Technologist will run a weekly drop-in session to answer any queries and questions you might have in relation to Brightspace and other digital tools. PLEASE NOTE we have temporarily moved our office space – you can now find us in the Branksome Room, just in front of the Allsebrook Lecture theatre and opposite Dorset House:

BUBS Tuesdays DG68 opp Dorset House 14:00-16:00
FHSS Wednesdays BG602, Staff Centre BGB 11:00-12:00
FMC Wednesdays DG68 opp Dorset House 13:00-15:00
FST Thursdays DG68 opp Dorset House 10:00-12:00

For help outside of these times, contact your Faculty LT via the relevant faculty mailbox:



Professional Services:

Save the date

Look out for upcoming sessions from FLIE on Generative AI (artificial intelligence) literacy and assessment this October and November. More details to follow!

Hacking GenAI 11/10/23 12:00-13:00 The session will include practical activities introducing the relevant AI platforms
Understanding Different GenAI Models 11/10/23 13:00-14:00 Familiarise with various generative AI models in educational
Hacking GenAI 25/10/23 12:00-13:00 The session will include practical activities introducing the relevant AI platforms
Assessment approaches 25/10/23 13:00-14:00 Explore creative concepts to address the potential for generative AI-facilitated misconduct and increase student involvement in assessment design
Hacking GenAI 1/11/23 12:00-13:00 The session will include practical activities introducing the relevant AI platforms
Academic Integrity 1/11/23 13:00-14:00 Examine regulatory and institutional policies aimed at preventing inappropriate use of gen AI tools that could lead to academic misconduct
GenAI in Teaching 8/11/23 13:00-14:00 Guidance on practical ways to integrate generative AI tools and techniques into their teaching practices
Hacking GenAI 15/11/23 12:00-13:00 The session will include practical activities introducing the relevant AI platforms
Ethics in using GenAI 15/11/23 13:00-14:00 Ethical dimensions of incorporating generative AI in academic settings
Evaluating GenAI effectiveness 22/11/23 13:00-14:00 Strategies for assessing the impact and effectiveness of generative AI in higher education
Hacking GenAI 29/11/23 12:00-13:00 The session will include practical activities introducing the relevant AI platforms
Collaboration projects 29/11/23 13:00-14:00 Discussions about potential research projects or interdisciplinary collaborations involving Gen AI

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  1. Heather Naude's avatar Heather Naude

    Hello – I would really like to attend these workshops – could you add my to the invite list please?

    Thank you very much


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