LinkedIn Learning with Brightspace

LinkedIn Learning

Did you know BU has a licence for LinkedIn Learning?

In 2022, BU purchased a campus wide licence for LinkedIn Learning allowing all staff and students to access the suite of 13,000+ courses. And due to its integration with Brightspace, you can embed courses and videos directly into the content area of your unit.

If you’re new to LinkedIn Learning, it’s a great way to complement your existing teaching and online content and allows students to add any completed courses to their LinkedIn profile, showcasing their skills to potential employers.

As subject matter experts, you are best placed to decide which courses and videos will directly complement your unit, but here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Have you set your students an assignment that requires them to give a presentation?
Managing Your Anxiety While Presenting
How to Present and Stay on Point
PowerPoint: Eight Easy Ways to Make Your Presentation Stand Out

Are you leading a unit that will use elements of basic statistics?
Statistics Foundations 1: The Basics
Statistics Foundations 2: Probability
Statistics Foundations 3: Using Data Sets

Could your students use some support with organising their time with assignment and project work?
Getting Things Done
Proven Tips for Managing Your Time

Further help and guidance

Guidance on how to embed LinkedIn Learning videos in your unit can be found on the Brightspace Staff Resources area – Embedding LinkedIn Learning content

Did you know you LinkedIn Learning have completed an HE Campus Mapping document which provides links to LinkedIn Learning courses for specific subjects, grouped by topic? Take a look at the courses listed for your subject area in the Brightspace Staff Resources area – HE Campus Mapping document.

For further advice, contact your Faculty Learning Technologist

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