MUSE is on the way

What is MUSE?

The Mid-Unit Student Evaluation (MUSE) is a survey designed to encourage students to reflect on their progress to date and feed back on their learning experience, including views on any summative or formative feedback received during their current unit. This information enables tutors to incorporate any necessary enhancements moving forward, therefore adding value to students’ learning.

When is it taking place?

Students will be asked to complete the survey between Monday 7 March to Sunday 13 March. The survey, which can be completed in Brightspace, will then be promoted to all undergraduate and Master’s students via Brightspace, the weekly student email, and digital signage.

What do you need to do?

Unit tutors are required to set the survey in their Brightspace unit to run from 7 to 13 March and allocate some time during a teaching session to introduce the survey to students.

 How are the results used?

Once the survey closes, responses will be evaluated by PRIME and results shared with faculties through Academic Reporting Dashboards. Unit tutors will be required to respond to their MUSE feedback by the dates agreed within their faculty.

Where are responses logged?

There is a recommended template in Brightspace in the unit area under ‘Your feedback matters’ for tutors to use for this purpose. Tutors will need to allow time for Programme Leaders to review their response to their MUSE prior to publishing to students.

I took part in the FUSE survey pilot for semester 1, is FUSE running this semester?

The FUSE survey was piloted during semester 1 and currently the results of the pilot are being analysed. For semester 2 all units will be running the MUSE survey.

Additional information and guidance

Guidance for setting up the MUSE survey in your Brightspace unit, viewing results and responding to MUSE feedback is available in the Brightspace Staff Resource area. This includes a short presentation to use when launching the survey with your students.

Further information on MUSE including FAQs and good practice examples of MUSE responses can also be found on the staff intranet.

In the meantime, if you have any queries about MUSE, please contact

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