Blended and Flipped the time has come!

Can there possibly be a silver lining to our experience of teaching and learning during Covid-19? A Wonkhe/Aula survey of 630 academics and professional staff found some interesting positives.  More than 80%  are more willing to experiment with digital technologies for learning and teaching. The devil, of course, is in the detail in context.

In our busy schedules the race to get ahead depends on learning from our colleagues.

Not Just Blended and Flipped Education Enhancement Drop-in session tomorrow
9th  Feb 12:00-13:00  Zoom LINK HERE   Meeting ID: 810 8056 0974,   Passcode: fq&4XD$i

The discussant panel will include:

Uma Patel,

Dawid Pekalski,

Mark Readman, and

Anne Quinney

Philippa Hardman writing in WONKHE sums up: “Our research with Wonkhe on the experience of academic staff and staff supporting learning and teaching found that for some, the shift to online learning and teaching has prompted greater student ownership of their learning, better attendance at scheduled teaching time, and more focused engagement in independent and peer learning. What will post Covid-19 learning and teaching look like for you.”

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