FLIE National Teaching Fellow 2022 briefings

Come along and find out about the National Teaching Fellowship scheme and how FLIE can support your potential applications.  

National Teaching Fellows (NTFs) have demonstrated through a rigorous and competitive peer-reviewed process that they have made a significant impact on both student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education. What they have achieved is inspiring and contributes significantly to the sector’s efforts to continuously improve learning and teaching for the benefit of students and society. 

The award has been running since 2000 and there are now 1,034 National Teaching Fellows, with up to 55 individuals receiving the award each year. On gaining the award, fellows play an ongoing role in enhancing teaching and learning within their institution, the HE sector and further afieldEach institution can submit up to three applications, from Professional and Academic staff 

Briefing One: Introduction to the scheme   

Thursday 13th January 1-2pm 

Facilitated by BU National Teaching Fellows Professor Debbie Holley, Dr Mel Hughes with input from Professor Sue Way and FLIE (Dr Gelareh Roushan and Anne Quinney). 

Briefing Two: Mapping your impact and writing your application  

Wednesday 2nd February 1-2pm

Facilitated by BU National Teaching Fellows Professor Debbie Holley, Dr Mel Hughes with input from Professor Sue Way and FLIE (Dr Gelareh Roushan and Anne Quinney) 

Register by following the links above.

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