Report on the 2nd Masterclass with Dai Hounsell and Anne Quinney

This month’s Assessment & Feedback Masterclass, the second in a series of three, looked at some principles and strategies for effective feedback.

Dai Hounsell, Visiting Professor, and Anne Quinney from FLIE, discussed themes raised by the participants  – including flipping feedback; helping students to recognise the range of feedback opportunities (assessment literacy); and two-stage exams. The session was supported by Ben Goldsmith from the Learning Technology team. The recording of the session will be made available, along with the slide set.

There are sections in the BU Assessment and Feedback Toolkit on these themes if you would like to explore further. You can find two videos from the University of British Columbia on two-stage exams in the 50 ways to assess section.

In next month’s Masterclass (Wednesday 23rd June 1-2pm) the focus will be on assessment design. Anne and Dai are happy to hear from you about the themes you would like to be covered, or any questions you would like us to answer.

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Anne Quinney,

Principal Lecturer FLIE

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