Student progress reporting for Academic Advisers

Academic Adviser Reports button

Academic Adviser reports are available from the Brightspace Homepage.

From the Monday 30 November 2020, student progress reports will be available for Academic Advisers in Brightspace to help inform conversations with students on their academic progress and engagement in their studies.

The reports cover a student’s usage and engagement in Brightspace for each unit they are enrolled in which includes useful indicators like logins to Brightspace, access to units, progress through content and engagement in other activities like Quizzes and Discussion Boards.

Students are already able to view this data for their own progress under ‘My Progress’ on the Brightspace Homepage and from their units. Teaching teams have a similar view via ‘Class Progress’ for the specific units that they teach.

4 Responses to “Student progress reporting for Academic Advisers”

  1. Juliet Wood's avatar Juliet Wood

    When it reports usage – sometimes the time engaged looks very short eg 3 mins for a PPT. Could this be because the student then went on to download the PPT and actually spent a lot of time reading through it and learning? If so, this could be a bit misleading, couldn’t it? Or have I misunderstood how the analytics work?

    • Tim Galling's avatar Tim Galling

      Hi Juliet,
      That’s correct, the Brightspace reports don’t track file downloads and cannot track time spent viewing downloaded files outside of Brightspace. Time spent viewing content is just based on the time spent viewing content in Brightspace via the browser. The standard Office type documents can all be viewed in the browser although the download option is available. If HTML templates are used then the time spent will be accurate as the viewing will happen in the browser.

  2. Xun He's avatar Xun He

    Hi Tim,

    This is really helpful. And to follow the comment from Julie, perhaps login information is more representative of student engagement. I have another question: are we going to have the option of going to each student’s record on eVision by clicking a link? Thanks!


    • Tim Galling's avatar Tim Galling

      Hi Xun,
      eVision isn’t part of this reporting at present but I’ll drop you an email to understanding a bit more about what you need.
      Kind regards,


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