The benefits of lecture capture

There are several benefits to recording teaching delivery, for both staff and students, and this has become more important with the challenges students face when predominantly accessing their teaching sessions from off-campus. The Digital Pedagogies Framework supports the recording of teaching delivery including embedding recordings into Brightspace, renaming with clear titles and dates, contextualising with key information areas, and condensing key topics into bitesize recordings or chunking up with quizzes, to promote an excellent student learning experience.

How does lecture capture benefit students?

The recording of teaching sessions is very popular with students for several reasons:

  • it provides the opportunity to revisit concepts
  • it provides an additional resource for revision
  • it provides the opportunity to catch up on missed teaching sessions, whether due to illness or poor connectivity issues.

And it provides an inclusive experience which benefits everyone, not just those with additional learning needs. For example, students for whom English isn’t their first language can pause and repeat, or might follow captions.

‘I’m just writing to say that I really enjoyed the factual lecture. I watched with my flatmate, who’s also in the course. The clips had us discussing what we were learning, and thinking things through. It was very interesting and informative, and since I could stop the video, I managed to take a bunch of notes!’ – Level 5 Student, BA (Hons) Media Production

How does lecture capture benefit staff?

Recording teaching sessions can also benefit staff who can:

  • reuse previously recorded material
  • create bitesize learning for recap or revision
  • discover the content students are revisiting or might be struggling with through analytic tools.

Further information and guidance

Further information and guidance can be found in the Brightspace Staff Resources area:

Recording a Zoom session
Recording Panopto videos in Brightspace
Recording with Panopto Capture (browser-based recording)
Uploading narrated PowerPoints to Panopto

For any further help, contact your Faculty Learning Technologist:

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