Key messages for the new academic year

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As we draw closer to the start of the new academic year, with an increasing reliance on remote teaching, FLIE will be supporting colleagues with some timely key messages over the next few weeks. This week, we would like to start with a focus on your Brightspace units:

  • Please ensure that you are working with the most current version of the Digital Pedagogies Framework as used in our faculty sessions in June/July.
  • Remember that all taught units will be available to students from 14th September and will be active by default.
  • Don’t forget to refer to the Unit Preparation guidance on the Brightspace Staff Resources area where all the basics of preparing your units have been distilled into one place.
  • Go to the BU Zoom portal and click Sign in to ensure you have created your BU Zoom account and are ready to schedule Zoom meetings within Brightspace using our Zoom guidance.

FLIE continues its daily drop-in sessions at 11am daily and your faculty learning technologists are at hand to help you enable your units on Brightspace. Please do get in touch with any pedagogy queries as we continue our weekly messages towards the start of teaching.


Geli Roushan
Head of Centre for Fusion Learning Innovation and Excellence

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