LT online drop ins during July

Further to our usual day-to-day support, Learning Technologists will continue to be online at 11am every weekday in July. We’re here to help colleagues with any enquiries around the use of Brightspace and other TEL tools. Simply click on the link in the table below between 11-11.30am to speak ‘face-to-face’ with an LT and we’ll do our best to answer your questions:

JULY 2020 Wednesday 1st Thursday 2nd Friday 3rd
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Monday 6th Tuesday 7th Wednesday 8th Thursday 9th Friday 10th
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Monday 13th Tuesday 14th Wednesday 15th Thursday 16th Friday 17th
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Monday 20th Tuesday 21st Wednesday 22nd Thursday 23rd Friday 24th
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Monday 27th Tuesday 28th Wednesday 29th Thursday 30th Friday 31st
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Remember, you can always contact your Faculty Learning Technologist at any time if you require support:

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