Anonymous Marking now turned off

Anonymous Marking has now been disabled in Brightspace for assignments with deadlines after the following dates:

  • Faculty of Health & Social Sciences: 2nd April
  • Faculty of Management / BU Business School: 3rd April
  • Faculty of Media and Communication: 30th March
  • Faculty of Science & technology: 31st March

If you are due to begin marking an assignment with a deadline before the above dates and require anonymous marking to be disabled then raise a ticket online and we will turn off anonymous marking as soon as possible.

Please be aware that whilst anonymous marking is disabled in Brightspace and student names are visible, when marking Turnitin assignments, the Turnitin Feedback Studio will not display student names, unfortunately this aspect cannot be adjusted where anonymous marking was originally set. We recommend that when marking student papers in the Turnitin Feedback Studio, you open the paper from the Brightspace Assignment page as normal, add your grade and feedback, then close the Turnitin Feedback Studio browser tab to return to the Brightspace assignment page and then move on to launch the next paper.

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