Winner of the CMC Best Paper Award for papers published in 2018: Student Cocreation

The winner of the CMC Best Paper Award for papers published in 2018 as been announced.

The paper was based on a student dissertation.

Denegri-Knott, J., Nixon, E., & Abraham, K. (2018). Politicising the study of sustainable living practices. Consumption Markets & Culture, 21(6), 554-573.

There was a group of strong papers nominated for the award. The jury for this year’s award was: Professor Jacob Östberg (Head of Jury), Associate Professor Michelle Weinberger and Associate Professor Joonas Rokka.

The committee motivates their decision:

“Politicising the study of sustainable living practices“ (2018, vol. 21, no. 6, pp. 5545-573) Denegri-Knott, Nixon and Abraham address an important and timely empirical phenomenon from a compelling theoretical perspective. The authors thus manage to further both our understanding of phenomena related to consumption, markets, and culture and the field’s approach to practice theory. The careful and attentive way in which the authors navigate a broad and complex literature and thus manage to incorporate issues of power with their practice theoretical framework is especially noteworthy.”

Congratulations to the authors and to CMC for being able to publish such high quality work.

Some more good news: CMC has moved up the ranking list in the Danish bibliometric system for business economics. It is as of January 2020 a level 2 journal (top 22,5% of world production). Additionally CMC is now a Q1 journal at SCIMAGO in three disciplines: Marketing, Economics and Anthropology.

Dannie Kjeldgaard, Ph.D.


Editor-in-Chief, Consumption, Markets & Culture

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