Pearson Global Learner Survey 2019

Pearson have published their inaugural Global Learner Survey, capturing the opinions of learners worldwide. Internationally, learners are relying less on traditional institutions and are adopting a self-directed approach to their education, embracing technology and online learning to facilitate this. Learners are looking for vocational and soft skills bite-size learning across their lifetime. The report highlights 8 key trends:

  • A DIY mindset is reshaping educationImage of four people with laptops
  • The 40-year career is gone, replaced by life-long learning and diverse career paths
  • People expect digital and virtual learning to be the new normal
  • Confidence in educational institutions is wavering
  • Some young workers think you can do OK in life without a college degree
  • Markets like China and India are leading the world in upskilling while the US and UK lag behind
  • Learners believe soft skills will give them the advantage over automation
  • Social media and bullying are cited as contributing factors to school safety concerns

The full report is available to download here –

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