Online BU Assessment and Feedback Toolkit

Did you know that there is an extensive Assessment and Feedback Toolkit available on the staff intranet to assist you with all the requirements of the new 6C policy on Principles of Assessment Design?

Some of the highlights of the toolkit are:

Assessment and Feedback Toolkit Graphic

Click on the image to go to the Assessment and Feedback Toolkit

  • 50 types of assessment you can use with your students
  • a useful table matching learning outcomes to relevant assessment types
  • links to relevant journal articles
  • information about assessment equivalencies
  • a glossary of assessment terms
  • helpful guides about Assessing Large Groups, Exams or Time-Constrained Assessment, Group Assessment and Presentations, and Dissertations.
  • slides from the ‘6C Essentials’ and ‘6C Solutions’ workshops
  • information about formative assessment and examples of formative assessment activities

You’ll also find all the policy documents and the senate briefing.


If you have any questions, please do get in touch with the CEL Theme Leaders:

Anne Quinney:
Ann Luce:


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