The European Digital Action Plan

A short summary:

Through the European cooperation between EU Member States, the exchange of good practices and  peer learning, the EU work on a Digital Action Plan started in January 2018. Set against a backdrop of desire to  reduce of the socio-economic inequalities, the action plan will be a comprehensive plan seeking to improve key competences and digital skills of European citizens. Reflecting on these priorities and considering that the 90% of future jobs will require digital skills, the recent press release notes 44% of European citizens have not received the right education on digital skills, more than 48,000 schools lack broadband connection and the digital wellbeing is threatened by cyber bullying and data privacy issues

Therefore, the European Commission wants to work towards the following priorities:

  1. Make better use of digital technology for teaching and learning;
  2. Develop digital competences and skills needed for living and working in an age of digital transformation;
  3. Improve education through better data analysis and foresight.

Ideas to deliver the priorities include adopting innovative practices in the field of education to empower and connect educators; critical and smart use of digital technology; making the classroom more digital, opening up education systems, and losing the gender gap through digital and entrepreneurship education

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