Supporting Assessment & Feedback – some free tools.


Anne Quinney, CEL Theme Leader for Assessment & Feedback recently attended the Researching Assessment Practices (RAP) Conference at Southampton University.

The conference was organised by Professor Carol Evans (a National Teaching Fellow) who has developed a set of free resources to support assessment – the EAT Assessment Framework Resources.


What is EAT?

  • EAT is a research-informed assessment framework resource for all staff and students in higher education
  • EAT synthesises high quality research and practice evidence over the last 20 years on Assessment Literacy, Feedback and Design
  • EAT can be used at individual, team, faculty and university levels to develop and evaluate integrated assessment practices.
  • EAT emphasises a self-regulatory approach to assessment and promotes student engagement with assessment

There are lecturer and student resources looking at 12 areas of assessment.

Access the resources here

There is also an EAT App

There is also a journal paper, Making Sense of Assessment Feedback, that can be accessed through

Do let Anne Quinney ( know if you use these resources. It would be helpful to have a short case study for the CEL Assessment & Feedback Toolkit.


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