Assessment and Feedback Toolkit now available!


We are delighted to announce the launch of CEL’s Assessment and Feedback Toolkit, found here:
This is a ‘live’ toolkit, so we will be adding and updating it regularly; we hope there are enough resources on here at the moment to support you all with the documentation changes for 6C.
Please note we have linked to policy documents and Senate paper, as well as provided slides from 6C Essentials Workshops in September; we will add 6C Solutions slides later this week.
We have provided helpful guides on assessing large groups, exams/time-constrained assessment, group assessment and presentations and dissertations. We have also linked to the 50 different types of different assessments that colleagues can use (there are many more!)
We have our 6C Solutions workshops starting this week. Please sign up with Organisational Development should you be in need of some support:
6C Solutions: Implementing good practice in assessment and feedback. This two-hour workshop will support as assessment for learning approach to complete the 6C documentation.

We have 2-hour slots available and we would encourage teams to come along together and work through their student-centred implementation strategies.

By the end of this workshop you will have:

1.     A plan to implement your team’s assessment and feedback strategies

2.     An awareness of how this feeds into institutional and subject-TEF benchmarks

3.     Evaluation ideas to support annual monitoring and review


Date Time Location
3rd October 1pm-3pm PG30a
10th October 1pm-3pm S218
17th October 12pm-2pm PG30a
17th October 3pm-5pm EB702
24th October 12pm-2pm S218
24th October 3pm-5pm PG30a
31st October 1pm-3pm PG30a

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