Thoughtpiece in Nurse Education Today – Virtual Health Education: Scaling Practice to transform student learning


Delighted an HSS/CEL collaboration has had a published outcome – see below

Denyse King, Stephen Tee, Liz Falconer, Catherine  Angell ,Debbie  Holley, Anne Mills


The advancements in and affordability of technologies offer increasing opportunities to modernise healthcare education into packages developed to meet the expectations and requirements of the digital generation. Purposefully designed and tested Virtual Reality Learning Environments (VRLE) can offer healthcare students the means to access and revisit learning materials in ways that enhance education and meet a range of needs; including those with specific learning differences and those who have traditionally been disenfranchised. Furthermore, this will make healthcare education much more readily available to those who have been previously marginalised by distance. This paper argues that Virtual Reality (VR) has the unique potential to transform healthcare education and suggests that more providers should consider collaborating with developers and investing in the technology.


Virtual reality
Healthcare education
Real world learning


Denyse King, Stephen Tee, , Liz Falconer, Catherine  Angell ,Debbie  Holley, Anne Mills

Virtual health education: scaling practice to transform student learning

Nurse Education Today

Article reference: YNEDT3929
Accepted manuscript available online: 4-SEP-2018
DOI information: 10.1016/j.nedt.2018.08.002

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