Invitation to contribute to a ‘Real World Learning’ book

Colleagues, if student employablity is something you offer within the existing curriculum, this may be of interest.

I have started to edit a new collection of chapters on real world learning with my colleague, Jamil. Real world learning for these purposes is any explicit pedagogy or curriculum development that enhances students’ employability skills. We have the support of Solent management to pursue an open access publishing route which is exciting. We are looking for authors and also case studies for chapters on innovative examples of real world learning. We are stipulating that for authors who are external to Solent that one of the four case studies within the chapter is Solent based. I attach the guidelines and would be pleased if these are distributed to anyone at BU who you think may be interested. The deadline for the submission of abstracts in 20th July.

Dr Dawn Morley ( or Dr Mohammad Golam Jamil (

2 Responses to “Invitation to contribute to a ‘Real World Learning’ book”

  1. Dr Jill Nash's avatar Dr Jill Nash

    Hi, I could provide a case study on how we have embedded ‘live campaign briefs’ into our BA Advertising degree programmes? This has benefited our students immensely in providing them with ‘hands on’ experience of working with a live agency brief while studying for the degree programme. Would this be of interest? Thanks

  2. Beverly Barker's avatar Beverly Barker

    Hi, I could provide a case study on embedding employability skills into the digital communications unit for CMC degree programmes. This focuses on the students’ job searching & application skills, including how to structure & undertake pre-application/interview market/digital research that can enhance the relevance of their application letter and help structure interview questions & discussion points that demonstrate how their skills & knowledge are transferable & meet the organization’s requirements. This is in addition to learning real world digital skills around SEO, search, social media & analytics, etc. Would this be of interest? Thanks


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