LEAP session with JEC

This afternoon we held a LEAP session with 30 colleagues in Journalism, English & Communication (JEC).  The session commenced with an introduction to the LEAP process, explaining the layered approach to building up the unit visualisation and how the process can help in blending, unit re-design and vertical and lateral integration to create balanced and cohesive programmes for students.

Anne Quinney spoke about the forthcoming changes to the assessment policy and this provoked a debate on the practicalities of embedding the changes in units ready for the 19/20 academic year.

Next, Shelley Thompson introduced her 50 ways to assess students.  This was followed by group discussions on if/how the different methods may be suitable for students studying JEC units.

The plan is now to hold another LEAP session for JEC next month during which we will complete the LEAP process and devote time to more detailed discussions of potential changes to the assessments of units and across programmes that was started this afternoon.

Here are some pictures from this afternoon’s session.

Shelley Thompson explaining the different assessment options

The topic of assessment generated many conversations

Anne Quinney in discussion

A picture from the group discussions


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