1. Anyone can teach

You might find yourself in a teaching role as a member of staff or as a student.  Don’t panic!


Here is the good news… anyone can teach!  Really, anyone can teach.


But can you teach well?  Can you teach better?  The answer is yes you can.


I asked my HE twitter colleagues:

“If you could give one top tip for teaching at HE level what would it be?”


Their answers will make the content for some upcoming blog posts, designed to be short starter ideas, to get you thinking.


Thought of the day…

To teach consistently we need improvement ourselves.


Photo of the day…

Which student is engaged in the learning?


For specific support and advice please contact the CEL team.

2 Responses to “1. Anyone can teach”

    • Heidi's avatar Heidi

      Thank you Gloria. I hope that my advice and those of my excellent colleagues will be useful to someone like you out there in the wide universe. Watch this space for more in the series. If you haven’t already completed our PGCert qualification, you can sign up now for the 2018/19 cohort.


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